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Community Data Hubs Partnership FAQ

Published onNov 01, 2023
Community Data Hubs Partnership FAQ
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Call for Community Partner

We are looking to partner with a community-based organization to explore data stewardship challenges and co-design our Community Data Hubs model.

Eligibility and the selection process

How many community partners will you collaborate with in this project?

We will partner with up to three community organizations. We will organize up to three respective design workshops, but will include all design articulations in one playbook.

Does my organization need to be located in the United States?

While we are a U.S.-based organization, we are open to partnering with organizations that are located outside of the U.S. if they are a good fit for the design workshop and playbook process. 

My organization has a governance challenge that seems relevant but doesn’t fit neatly in the topics listed. Should I still fill out the expression of interest?

Yes! We encourage filling out the expression of interest if you have any environmental data governance challenge that involves sharing, using, or managing your data. Even if you aren’t a great match for the Community Data Hubs co-design process, we might be able to connect your organization with other outside experts who might be of support.

How is OEDP selecting their partners for the co-design process?

We will prioritize organizations that have a clear data governance issue and are at a point in their data journey where our type of design workshop will be most impactful. We may prioritize partners who are located geographically nearest to where OEDP works in order to maximize travel funds for in-person workshops, but will not overlook possible partners located farther away. 

What if my organization is not chosen as a partner?

While you won’t participate in this phase of our Community Data Hubs work, we will publicly share experiences, opportunities, and challenges explored with our partners through our playbook, and possibly through an open event. Additionally, this is only the first stage of our work with the Community Data Hubs model, and there will be additional opportunities for different forms of participation in the future. 

Who do I contact if I have questions related to my expression of interest?

You can email Emelia Williams at [email protected]

Co-Design Process

What will be included in the design workshop?

The design workshop will be customized based on the partner’s priorities and interests. OEDP will work with the partner organizations to determine the issues of highest priority, and design interactive workshops to examine challenges and potential resources and solutions based on partners’ needs and desired outcomes with their environmental data. Our workshop facilitators have experience using human-centered design to create responsive sessions that involve collaborative idea generation and issue analysis. 

Will the workshops be virtual or remote?

The workshops will likely be remote, but if feasible, we will prioritize in-person workshops. 

What will be included in the playbook? 

The playbook will be constructed in collaboration with partners, and will summarize each design workshop. It will contain a design articulation for each partner, describing initial challenges, and resulting resources and frameworks, which are meant to both serve as a resource for partners and offer broader guidance for other organizations, as well as the Community Data Hub prototype. If an organization prefers their challenges and potential solutions to be private, we can anonymize and generalize the summary in the playbook. 

What will be included in the post-workshop check-ins?

These check-ins will be available for community partners to address any emergent questions or challenges following the workshop, and track progress toward data governance goals. These check-ins are voluntary and dependent on the partnering organization’s interest and capacity.

When will I receive my stipend and from whom?

After an initial meeting and upon formalizing the partnership with the signing of a memorandum of understanding (MOU), you will receive half of the $3,300 stipend within two weeks of MOU completion and the second half at the end of the project, after the workshop or optional check-in. Additional details will be available in the contract for your review and the stipend will come directly from Open Environmental Data Project (a U.S. 501(c)3 organization) via 

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